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Private Investigating

Welcome to Money Team Security, a leading office for private investigation services.

Our experienced team of professionals is committed to helping you uncover the truth. Whether you need to gather evidence in a legal case, defend your business interests, or simply find answers to important questions. With a focus on discretion, confidentiality and customer satisfaction, we offer customized solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. In most cases, the workflow takes place with a telephone or e-mail consultation, where we listen to how we can help our future client. After that, we’ll deduce how we can help. We will describe all possible procedures, from them we will select the most expedient one. We will inform our client about the cost of the operation and arrange an appointment for a personal meeting. Within the framework of the meeting, we conclude a contract of engagement and confidentiality, and we prepare a draft of facts. Knowing the details of the case, we can also offer you a success fee or a 50-50% payment plan. During the execution of the assignment, we will keep our client informed about the current status of the private investigation. At the end of the process, we will provide you with an all-encompassing summary report that includes the photographs, videos, audio materials and any additional documents that we have in our possession. This report has probative value, even before authorities. We carry out our work only and exclusively within the framework of legality. Our private investigators act in accordance with CXXXIII (Personal and Property Protection Act) 2005. We owe the success of our assignments to our network of contacts, the databases we have access, our experience gained during our work, our expertise and our modern technical tools. We handle all matters with complete discretion, which is what our confidentiality agreement is for.


What we can help you with:

Corporate due diligence

This process is a comprehensive examination of the company’s operations, finances, and management practices to determine risk and investment or acquisition potential. Corporate due diligence fundamentally helps businesses make informed decisions and reduce the risks associated with investments and acquisitions. Our experienced team uses a proven process to collect, analyze, and report key information about the company. Our due diligence process covers many areas, including finance, operations, legal and regulatory compliance, and management. Financial review is an essential part of our due diligence process as it helps us understand a company’s financial performance and stability. In addition to the financial review, our due diligence process includes a thorough operational review. We examine the company’s operations, supply chain management, marketing and sales, and product development to determine its strengths and weaknesses. This information is used to assess the growth potential of the company and to identify operational risks that may affect its performance. Legal and regulatory compliance is another important aspect of our due diligence process. We check that the company complies with all applicable laws and regulations to make sure that it operates within the framework of the law.

Exposing partnership infidelity

If you suspect that your partner is unfaithful, you want to get certainty as soon as possible. Statistics show that ladies who suspect that their partner is unfaithful are right in 85% of cases, while men, in 65% of cases, are right. You can try to reveal the truth yourself, but this is often ineffective, or your partner may become even more mysterious. The most effective way to keep track of your partner’s actions is to hire a private investigator. Private investigators are professionals who are trained in device use, information gathering, surveillance, or tracking. They are the best way to confirm infidelity. During the process, we document the movements, meetings and conversations of the target person, either with personal presence or with the help of our devices. If you have any suspicions, please contact our company. After a free consultation and contracting, we will start the process from which you can gain certainty.

Search for a missing person or someone in an unknown location

At Money Team Security, we understand how difficult it is to find a missing person or someone in an unknown location individually. That is why we provide personalized and professional help to find the subject of the workflow quickly and efficiently. Our experienced investigation team will find out about the preliminary lifestyle and environment of the person you are looking for. We collect information from the person’s family and friends. Using our network of contacts and tools, we research the current location of the target person. We tour the surrounding hospitals, hostels, special homes. These and similar cases are handled by our most experienced private investigators, who only concentrate on this assignment, without the expiration of working hours. Where appropriate, in cooperation with the police authority. At our company, we are aware of the importance of finding a missing person. We consider it our mission to provide you with the most thorough service possible and ensure that you can meet the missing person again as soon as possible.

Gathering of evidence for criminal proceedings

We use all the tools of evidence gathering, which includes live surveillance, tracking, eyewitness interrogation, obtaining surreptitious information from suspects where appropriate, and obtaining documents. It could be a child custody lawsuit, a civil lawsuit, or documenting any wrongdoing. The workflow ends with the delivery of a so-called summary report, which has probative value, before any authority.

Exposing intra-corporate abuse

We use the investigative tools at our disposal to detect the act, such as the collection of data by surreptitious information from the employees of the company or from any person who may be aware of the aforementioned act. We also use our tools to document the problematic act.

Environmental study

On his behalf, the professional specialists of our company prepare an all-encompassing, detailed environmental study of the target person. The investigation takes place simultaneously online and with a live-force process. In the course of our work, we combine the use of our state-of-the-art technical tools with our experience in field practice. We collect data about the past or present lifestyle of the target person, map his or her agenda, room for manoeuvre, network of contacts and, if applicable, financial situation.

Loyalty test

A relationship loyalty test can be an important tool for our client to assess the current state of his relationship. A loyalty test can help you identify potential issues in your relationship, giving you an insight into how best to address them. During our assignment, the person who corresponds to the ideal of the target person will contact the data subject. It shapes the topic of speech according to your interests, and then directs the conversation in a direction from which it is possible to deduce beyond a doubt how the target person reacts to the approach of another person. We can make the visit exclusively online, exclusively in person or by meeting in person after an online visit as required.


Genealogy is a kind of study of our family history that allows us to explore our own family history and connect with distant relatives. In the process, we obtain information from locally competent institutions, churches or archives that would be impossible to uncover without our network of contacts and authorization.

eltűnt vagy ismeretlen helyen tartózkodó személyek felkutatása

Device using:

Hidden camera: 8 000 – 20 000,- HUF/day
Tracking device: 8 000 – 20 000,- HUF/day
Long-distance eavesdropping device: 8 000 – 20 000,- HUF/day
Hidden eavesdropping device: 8 000 – 20 000,- HUF/day

Each assignment requires an individual procedure, so we can only provide full information in the light of the circumstances.